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In fall 2015, about “birds” sports team in the American professional sports league has excellent performance, major league baseball cardinals and blue jays in their respective League set off a whirlwind and have to pull partition prize. NFL stadium, the Seahawks Ann couldn’t move, linnet’s steady rise is also a blow eye, and truly astounding, in addition to the decadence of the eagle, another branch belonging to the same “birds”, open season on a four game winning streak, the protagonist — Atlanta Falcons.

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The sports big province of Georgia is never a lack of occupation team, in addition to the Falcon, warrior (MLB) and Eagle (NBA) are rooted in this strong sports atmosphere, so that they will always be in their respective League competitors, enter twenty-first Century, in under the leadership of Michael Vick, Falcon played a beautiful but efficient offensive, but good times don’t last long Vic, let the Falcon experienced in 2007 be chained and thrown into prison the entire season of darkness and put rotten, only sigh their luck is really too busy, the 2008 season Mike Smith took over, the team chose to sign with third young quarterback Matt Ryan, and signed his strong running back Michael Turner, plus outstanding original over Rodey White and the sign of the elite tight end Toni Gonzales, who called the Falcon team the most offensive weapons in can’t be held back five years later, four into the playoffs, but repeated critical moment the ball dropped. In the 2013 and 2014 seasons, the team suddenly seemed to have lost a chemical reaction, with 10 wins, two wins, Smith Mike also lost their jobs, reconstruction is imminent.

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Above is the Falcon in recent years the story outline, this offseason, boss Arthur – blank to sack Smith but leave the general manager Thomas Dimitrov, and most of the offensive and defensive group core players. That is to say, just for the whole team coach quickly realize the revival of must be coaching for the reconstruction team fruitful, the following is the analysis of change my Falcon this season:
1, Shanahan Jean – Kell biography restore balance.

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The need to rebuild the team, for coach is the path, so most of the coaching team will at the end of the regular season immediately selection manager, then according to boss taste to choose vice handsome. Kyle Shanahanze did not fall into the stereotypes, early before Falcon to finalize the coach, they identified early in the small Shanahan’s offensive coordinator position, until half a month defensive Dan Quinn as manager, which means small Shanahan will full charge attack.
There are a lot of boast in the league today, or brag about “quarterback set-up master”, but only the result of that small Shanahan may is the alliance most be good at change decayed for magical quarterbacks coach. Said to come to the magic, his age and Bracey Drew almost, but he has been a very senior coach, because he graduated from Dezhou university directly into the coaching industry, in 2008 to become the head of Dezhou’s offensive, to encourage people to play a full range of firepower to disperse the attack, the following year Matt – Shao spread 29 yards 4770 years, and was elected the all star game MVP. In 2010 to help dad in Washington, according to Robert Griffin III, unique style, formulated the a emphasis on Regional Options rushed the ball attack the University routine, let Rg3 limelight without the two. In 2014 to join Brown, he let Heuer – Blaine from the forgotten to the NFL level. In addition a stall attack is still fresh in my memory, Johnny manzel pretending to stand on the sidelines and coach chat, after kick-off manzel immediately border line flying attack, almost development pass the ball, this file fraud tactical arrangement and pretend to chat of the coach is small Shanahan, from this point of view, he is a local, creativeness agile coach.

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Are offensive, Falcon in attack attack since since 2008, Mike mularkey supervisor, Falcon per dozen 100 stalls attack run proportion are 44:56, 55:45, 53:47, 56:44. Quite balanced proportion; but then mularkey quit, Dirk – Kurt took over three years running ratio are 62:38, 65:35, 63:37. Great emphasis on passing attack, but it can’t blame Kurt. When you men have Ryan White, Julio Jones, Gonzalez, etc. top offensive weapons, you could not live is called a few passes, and only the result of Kut, the game is not considered a failure, three years of offense ranked No. 8, 14 and 8.
Small Shanahan your visit did not rush to tune the quarterback, but first let the offensive to restore balance, after 2015 season around, Falcon run proportion is 53:47, abnormal balance level, people may question the Falcon and four in a row, after the game section must have most of the trailing time of pavement attack, OK, aside from the fourth quarter, before the third quarter data, Falcon run ratio is 56:44.

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In fact Dirk Kuyt is not entirely without ideas for strengthening the pavement attack, his approach is Michael Turner after retirement, the introduction of former star running guard Stephen Jackson, but in the face of thin such as cicada’s wings of the offensive line, same old Jackson also said powerless against the increasingly fierce union run prevention, the name of the name and may not have been repatriated to the offensive imbalance. Kurt compared with the simple idea, and small Shanahanze is to refine the transformation from the inside to the outside.
First is the signings, Andy – Lovett, Chris Chester and Mike – Persson, respectively is abandoned by the Titan, erythroderma and rams the inner side of the offensive line, Falcon is through trade and signing them to Atlanta and let them become the first mover, three of them per capita has many years of playing in the NFL experience, coupled with last year’s first round show Jack Matthews and last quarter burst of Ryan – Shi Leide, the Falcons have a unibet

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